Cub Scouts

What Is Cub Scouts?

Simply put, Cub Scouts is the junior arm of Scouts BSA. Kids from Kindergarten through Fifth Grade are members, lead by adult volunteers.

The goal of the organization is provide kids with valuable life experience, instill an ethical and moral background, and to prepare them for Boy Scouts, which they will bridge to at the end of their second Webelos year (5th grade).

Cub Scouting can be thought of as two parts: Cub Scouts and Webelos.

Cub Scout Den Logos

Cub Scouts

Basic Cub Scouting is typically what you imagine when when you hear ‘Cub Scouts.’ Kids wear blue shirts, brightly colored neckerchiefs, and follow a different animal totem for each year (more on that later). Scouts are awarded belt loops when they reach specific achievements.

Webelos Logo


The Webelos program is an offshoot of traditional Cub Scouts. Kids wear khaki Boy Scout uniforms and earn pins for achievements instead of belt loops. Like school, the standards each task and rank becomes progressively more difficult and involved. Think of Webelos as a transitional phase of Scouts, between Cub and Boy Scouts.

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