Cub Scouts

Introduction To Cub Scout Adventures

Instead of earning merit badges, Cub Scouts collect Adventures. They’re effectively the same thing, just dialed down in complexity for younger children. As your kids progress through the ranks, the time and effort required for each Adventure will increase.

Cub Scouts and Webelos display their earned Adventures in different ways.

Cub Scout Belt Loops

Adventure Belt Loops

Cubs Scouts in the Lion through Bear ranks earn small metal loops for each completed Adventure. These slide onto the standard issue scout belt.

Webelos Rank Colors

Adventure Pins

As part of their uniform change, Webelos and Arrow of Light Scouts earn adventure pins. They are usually displayed on ‘Rank Colors,’ a tri-colored ribbon set pinned to the right sleeve, below the American flag.

Thanks for joining me on this quick trek through Cub Scouts. I hope you enjoy the greatest success with fantastic organization.

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