Cub Scouts

Cub Scout Uniforms

Just as there are several branches of Cub Scouts, there are several different uniforms as well. First we’ll cover formal versus informal dress.

Class A Versus Class B

Class A Uniforms

This is your standard, dress scouting uniform. Your kid will wear this to Pack meetings and formal events. Some leaders prefer the Cubs to wear this to Den meetings as well.

Class B Uniforms

The Class B uniform is usually just a Cub Scout themed t-shirt. Day camps and resident camps often give these out and they are worn during outings and informal events like the Pinewood Derby. Depending on the leader, this uniform may be worn at Den meetings as well.

Each level of Cub Scouts has a different Class A uniform.

Blue Cub Scout Class A Uniform

Cub Scout Class A

Webelos Uniform

Webelos Class A

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